Price: Rp. 8.999.000

One with coke,

the actual situation is controllable

The world’s first 0 delay electronic coke stabilizer, focusing hand wheel real-time control lens focus, 3-step step adjustment, with the coke faster and more accurate than the mechanical lighter with the lighter, more stable than the wireless coke, for the photographer Provide a richer creative performance

Arm of 3.2KG payload

Using the sixth generation of cellular control algorithm,
the motor torque on the basis of the previous generation products to enhance 50%, 20% noise reduction easily deal with a variety of complex environments and shooting angle;
load up to 3.2kg, compatible with a full range of micro single,

Stable rock, high-precision anti-shake

The new motor control unit, combined with a higher specification attitude algorithm,
can quickly offset the shooting of the screen jitter deviation, so that the screen is more stable;
three-core MCU parallel control, the response speed increased by 100%, stability, more than 2 times the industry standard, Level shooting needs

The new pressure dial design, a key tune

Innovative press dial design, integrated five buttons and two-way dial, more shortcut function, greatly simplifies the operation logic. Can directly adjust the camera aperture, shutter, sensitivity and other parameters, so that the controller and the camera seamless docking

Unique dovetail design

Crane 2 with a unique dovetail design, camera installation more accurate, leveling faster, more compact structure, greatly enhance the use of reliability

Independent fast board design, in line with Manfrotto standards

The new independent fast board design, installation and removal of the camera more convenient, increased product ease of use. The quick-release board conforms to the general Manfrotto standard and the equipment is moved in one step

60 to achieve installation leveling

New hand twist screw design, no screwdriver, anytime, anywhere disassembly of the camera and adjust the three-axis balance. With independent fast board and memory scale design, the maximum savings in installed time

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

project Minimal standard maximum Remarks
Operating Voltage 9.8V 11.1V 12.6V
Working current 110mA 6000mA
Charge input voltage
Charge input current
Power supply output voltage 5V
Camera power supply interface output voltage 8V
Camera power supply interface output current 2A
Static attitude tracking error ± 0.01 ° ± 0.03 °
Motion attitude tracking error ± 0.05 ° ± 0.1 °
Tilt axis mechanical action range -135 ° + 185 °
Rolling shaft mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Heading axis mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Pitch controllable angle
Rolling controllable angle
Heading controllable angle
Operating temperature -10 ° C 25 ° C 45 ° C
operating hours 12h 18h Focus on balance
Charging time 2.5h The charge current is 2400mA
Load weight 500g 3200g
The scope of application

Parts list

Name specification Quantity
Stabilizer 1
tripod 1
18650 x3 Charger 1
18650 lithium battery 3
Micro to Micro USB cable 1
Micro to Mini USB cable 1
Sony camera controls the charging line 1
Panasonic control line 1
Micro USB data cable 1
Manual 1
Shoulder strap 1
Storage package 1

Product packaging details

name Model specifications Remarks
Product bare metal size 210 * 118 * 450mm W * D * H
Product box size 502 * 141 * 270mm L * W * H
Delivery Carton Size (Special) 552 * 614 * 320mm L * W * H
Product Weight 1250g / station
The product contains the weight of the box 3.7kg / station
Packing weight 17.2kg / box 4 sets / box