Price : Rp. 5.450.000

A machine should be changed

Both mobile phones, there are gopro, there is a small micro-single, to each with a stabilizer? Needless to worry, Crane M support gopro, mobile phones, card machines and small micro-single, can carry the weight of 125g-650g range of various types of cameras, followed by Zhiyun unique military-grade production process.

No need to unicorn arm, easy to play

The appearance of the electronic triaxial stabilizer replaces the traditional mechanical stabilizer, redefining the industry standard for image stabilization, so that ordinary players can also get a stable picture. Crane M will play to the extreme, to support a variety of equipment at the same time weight and only a bottle of mineral water quite. Even soft sister paper, but also easy to Fun. Crane M with a monopod can be achieved rocker, slide effect, the use of Zhiyun handheld assistant APP connection stabilizer, the phone into a remote control, remote control stabilizer or remote control remote control, shooting out 0 jitter perfect screen , Known as gluttonous small monster.

“Single” fight

As the world’s first through a dedicated camera line communication, and can be real-time focal length adjustment, snap control micro-single stabilizer, Crane M new control line control camera function, whether it is camera / video or zoom and other functions, In the PTZ interface to complete. Reducing the complexity of the steps, the real one-handed operation, so that photography becomes more simple, the picture becomes more stable.

Challenge new time limits

As a micro-single-sector professional stabilizer in the benchmarking products, Crane M not only to achieve a strong camera compatibility, but also refresh the stability of the battery life record. Using Zhiyun exclusive optimization of 32-bit high-speed MCU parallel control technology to maximize the reduction of motor load, the product standard two 26500 high-capacity lithium battery, battery life up to 12 hours, so you enjoy making new ideas. , Known as gluttonous small monster.

Work only between fingers

Crane M put all the functional keys in the handle, so that you can only hold the thumb at the same time through the thumb can be on the PTZ mode switch, angle adjustment, focusing, camera, video, so that all the operation Are firmly in control in your palm, so that photography photography becomes more simple and convenient.

More friendly positioning slot + scale design

As a highly compatible flagship camera stabilizer, the design team of Crane M takes into account that users may often replace the camera with different cameras to cope with the needs of various shots, and in order to minimize the user’s disassembly of the camera Energy and time, specifically in the three shaft arm on the positioning slot and the memory of the intimate design.

60 seconds simple adjustment balance

Crane M with full-hand screw design, no screwdriver can be anytime, anywhere disassembly camera. Users can tighten the screws, fast adjustment of three-axis balance, intimate memory scale + positioning slot design, to maximize the time to save installed.

Single-handed shoot any of your choice

One hand operation tired? It does not matter, we have plug-in: add a two-handed support to reduce the burden of it, shooting more stable, more relaxed. Single-handed work mode arbitrary switch to meet the requirements of a variety of work environment, the operation more handy.

1/4 inch universal screw mouth allows you free plug

Crane M fuselage with a quarter of the general screw, flexible plug-in a variety of photographic extension accessories, such as tripod, extension rod, sucker, etc., can achieve delayed photography, rocker arm and other shooting effects, exhausted all possible To support your creative imagination.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Project Minimal standard maximum Remarks
Operating Voltage 6.8V 8.4V 12.6V
Working current 80mA 110mA 6000mA
Static attitude tracking error ± 0.01 ° ± 0.03 °
Motion attitude tracking error ± 0.05 ° ± 0.2 °
Tilt axis mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Rolling shaft mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Heading axis mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Operating temperature -10 ° C 25 ° C 45 ° C
operating hours 12h 18h Focus on balance
Charging time 3h
Load weight 125g 650g
The scope of application

Parts list

Name specification Quantity
Stabilizer 1
Battery compartment 1
26500 Charger 1
26500 lithium battery 2
Micro USB data cable 1
Manual 1

Product packaging details

Name Model specifications Remarks
Product bare metal size 154 * 144 * 337mm W * D * H
Product box size 360 * 250 * 105mm L * W * H
Delivery Carton Size (Special) 590 * 410 * 310mm L * W * H
Product Weight 740g / station
The product contains the weight of the box 2000g / Taiwan
Packing weight 12kg / box 5 sets / box