Price : Rp. 5.899.000

A person + cloud crane = a team

Crane Crane is a quasi-professional three-axis electronic micro-stabilizer. Applicable to a wide range of micro-film, small studio, brigade, wedding choice. It can easily achieve high and low angle switch, smooth slide effect, long-distance shooting with the shooting, and only one person will be able to complete. Perfect solution to the low cost of filming the cost, equipment and manpower of the various problems. So that a person can complete a team to complete the work. Yunhe is committed to the most easy way for you to shoot the effect you want.

Open the power of the prehistoric

Crane fuselage only 950g (excluding batteries), its load-bearing limit has reached 1800g, can carry the vast majority of micro-single-camera market, and with different lens needs, and even can carry SLR products. Like a crane-like strong load and lightweight compact body design, so that Crane in the professional-level users widely acclaimed. You are worth having!

Such as the arm means, arbitrary

CRANE V2 is a can control the camera stabilizer, just a control line, you can in the user interface to achieve camera camera, focal length control. The real stabilizer and camera into one, saving every time for the scene need to adjust the time.

Intelligent control stabilizer

Crane V2 can be connected with Zhiyun remote control or the corresponding mobile APP, the stabilizer real-time control. Palm-sized remote control instead of stabilizer control panel, the same to achieve a variety of operations, more convenient and practical.

3 axis 360 Panorama arbitrary capture

CRANE V2 three control shaft using advanced slip ring technology, the real 360 ° infinite rotation, regardless of the grip, upside down, high bit machine and other shooting needs can be met.

Zhiyun honeycomb algorithmefficiency and low consumption is more stable

CRANE V2 using Zhiyun independent research and development of the honeycomb kernel algorithm, fast and accurate PTZ attitude control and efficient motor control technology, so that the stabilizer on the moment of intense movement to quickly and accurately offset the offset, and the noise Level remains the highest in the industry. The most direct expression of its precision algorithm is in the picture to enlarge the case to 5 times do not feel jitter.

Trinuclear MCU parallel controltransient response more fluid

CRANE V2 has the industry’s first 32-bit x3 high-speed MCU parallel control, the synchronization rate reached a staggering 4000hz, the market is generally the serial controller and open source controller can not match the height. This design ensures that the motor can respond quickly to dynamic changes, making the stabilizer run more smoothly, respond to jitter response more timely.

Unique dovetail design

CRANE V2 using the dovetail groove design makes the camera more accurate installation, balance more convenient and fast.

Single hands easily control

If you are not easy to operate one hand, you can also load a double handle to improve the sense of balance, while reducing the load on both hands. Anytime, anywhere, single hand to switch, to meet the requirements of a variety of work environment, the operation more handy.

Fully armed, are possible

CRANE V2 in the bottom of the fuselage with 1/4 universal screw, with all kinds of photographic equipment accessories common, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

60 seconds balance adjustment

CRANE V2 will be the whole hand screw design concept to the extreme, the maximum degree of reduction of the photographer to disassemble the camera time and effort, no need to screwdriver can adjust anytime, anywhere, disassembly camera. One minute to complete all the debugging, into the shooting state.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Project Minimal standard maximum Remarks
Operating Voltage 6.8V 8.4V 12.6V
Working current 80mA 110mA 6000mA
Static attitude tracking error ± 0.01 ° ± 0.03 °
Motion attitude tracking error ± 0.05 ° ± 0.2 °
Tilt axis mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Rolling shaft mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Heading axis mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Operating temperature -10 ° C 25 ° C 45 ° C
operating hours 12h 18h Focus on balance
Charging time 3h
Load weight 350g 1800g
The scope of application

Parts list

Name specification Quantity
Stabilizer 1
Battery compartment 1
26500 Charger 1
26500 lithium battery 2
Micro USB data cable 1
Lens holder 1
Camera fixing screw 2
Manual 1

Product packaging details

Name Model specifications Remarks
Product bare metal size 173 * 188 * 405mm W * D * H
Product box size 355 * 310 * 103mm L * W * H
Delivery Carton Size (Special) 580 * 415 * 370mm L * W * H
Product Weight 950g / station
The product contains the weight of the box 2600g / station
Packing weight 14kg / box 5 sets / box