Eyes with heart, dynamic vision

Rider-M body weighs only 180g (without battery), suitable for 42.3x30mm specifications of the sports camera, including GoProHero 1/2/3/3/4/5 and small ants and other standard sports camera, is the world’s first Wearable stabilizers designed for outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports photographers. The bottom of the fuselage at the bottom of the 1/4-inch universal screw, to meet a variety of photographic extension accessories with the plug, perfect fit riding photography and car photography operation needs, the liberation of photographers hands, so that new dynamic vision challenge ultimate creativity.

Flexible monitoring, play freely

Rider-M fuselage side with 3.5mm video output interface, can be an external display monitoring equipment, user-friendly real-time view the camera screen. At the same time, the user can use a dedicated mobile phone APP or Bluetooth remote control to replace the stabilizer console, the camera PTZ real-time control. Such as switching PTZ work mode and adjust the camera movements, etc., really break the limitations of handheld photography. Photographers can be placed according to the need to stabilize the projector in the ideal shooting position, more flexibility to play outdoor photography vision.
In the absence of electromagnetic interference in the environment, you can control the Rider-M in about 10 meters range (the actual application due to the scene environment).

Accurate, smooth and fast

Rider-M independent IMU (inertial measurement unit) system as PTZ control center using high-speed MCU parallel control technology, can quickly and accurately on the sensor and feedback camera trends, combined with high-precision sine wave vector motor control, to achieve accurate torque output , To achieve a more smooth, agile and full mute rotation effect.

can quickly offset the shooting of the screen jitter deviation, so that the screen is more stable;
three-core MCU parallel control, the response speed increased by 100%, stability, more than 2 times the industry standard, Level shooting needs

Full manual disassembly, 30 seconds ready

Rider-M with full hand-mounted design, without a screwdriver to manually complete the camera and battery disassembly operation. Fuselage through CNC precision machining process, so that the camera is equipped with a more fit, solid, even in strenuous exercise can guarantee foolproof.

Extreme challenge, military quality

Rider-M uses high precision CNC technology processing all-aluminum alloy system, compact and lightweight body, easy to carry. Rider-M also passed the anti-shake, high temperature and extremely cold environment test test, all in accordance with military standards. Durable, can adapt to a variety of shooting environment, challenge the limit possible.

APP firmware update, smart online

Users use the Rider-M special mobile phone via Bluetooth connection, not only can the real-time steering of the stabilizer, but also update the firmware online, keep the stabilizer function constant update, the performance never dropped.

Fuselage is small, full of performance

Rider-M body although sophisticated, but set the culmination of Zhiyun Yuntai products, from simple hand screw screw disassembly design, the implementation of 3.5mm video transmission interface, Bluetooth wireless remote control to far more than the same 8X precision three-axis control system, Every detail does not reflect the wisdom of the team to achieve a perfect user experience to the tireless efforts. And deliberately presented an extension of the pole, so Rider-M at any time can be turned into a handheld stabilizer.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

project Minimal standard maximum Remarks
Operating Voltage 9.8V 11.1V 12.6V
Working current 110mA 6000mA
Charge input voltage
Charge input current
Power supply output voltage 5V
Camera power supply interface output voltage 8V
Camera power supply interface output current 2A
Static attitude tracking error ± 0.01 ° ± 0.03 °
Motion attitude tracking error ± 0.05 ° ± 0.1 °
Tilt axis mechanical action range -135 ° + 185 °
Rolling shaft mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Heading axis mechanical action range 360 ° Infinite rotation
Pitch controllable angle
Rolling controllable angle
Heading controllable angle
Operating temperature -10 ° C 25 ° C 45 ° C
operating hours 12h 18h Focus on balance
Charging time 2.5h The charge current is 2400mA
Load weight 500g 3200g
The scope of application

Parts list

Name specification Quantity
Stabilizer 1
tripod 1
18650 x3 Charger 1
18650 lithium battery 3
Micro to Micro USB cable 1
Micro to Mini USB cable 1
Sony camera controls the charging line 1
Panasonic control line 1
Micro USB data cable 1
Manual 1
Shoulder strap 1
Storage package 1

Product packaging details

name Model specifications Remarks
Product bare metal size 210 * 118 * 450mm W * D * H
Product box size 502 * 141 * 270mm L * W * H
Delivery Carton Size (Special) 552 * 614 * 320mm L * W * H
Product Weight 1250g / station
The product contains the weight of the box 3.7kg / station
Packing weight 17.2kg / box 4 sets / box