Smooth 3

Make your phone camera PRO.

Record-breaking 14-hour Continuous Runtime

Smooth 3 comes standard with one 26650 rechargeable battery, supporting unprecedented ultra-long continuous runtime up to 14 hours. Meanwhile, the Micro USB power port at the side of the handle allows convenient charging through direct power source with a USB port.

One-step Precise Balancing

Designed with a unique telescopic arm featured with detailed scale mark for precise fixing, balance adjustment on Smooth 3 is made much easier and more accurate.

Military-industrial Quality

Elaborately engineered using aviation-grade aluminum material processed through high-precision CNC machining, all operations on Smooth 3 are guaranteed with outstanding smoothness and durability.

Universal Mounting Port to Enhance Creativity

Equipped with an universal 1/4” threaded hole at the bottom, Smooth-Q can be mounted to various photography equipment and apparatus, such as tripod mount, extension rod or suction cup, so you not only can produce rocker-arm footage, but can also make cool time lapse footage with ideal view while it operates with your hands free!

Direct Firmware Upgrade via APP

The Smooth 3 firmware is subject to constant upgrade via convenient connection with ZY Play, the dedicated mobile APP via Bluetooth connection, to ensure up-to-date performance.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Item Min. Standard Max. Remark
Operation Voltage 3.6V 4.3V
Operation Current 80mA 110mA 6000mA
Charging Voltage 5V
Charging Current 2000mA
Output Voltage 5V
Output Current 1000mA
Following Deviation in Static State ±0.01° ±0.04°
Following Deviation in Motion State ±0.05° ±0.3°
Tilt Mechanical Range 320°
Roll Mechanical Range 320°
Pan Mechanical Range 360° Unlimited
Controllable Tilt Angle -135° +185°
Controllable Roll Angle -30° +30°
Operation Temperature 360° Unlimited
Operation Temperature -10°C 25°C 45°C
Battery Runtime 8h 12h 14h Balanced center of gravity
Charging Time 2.5h
Valid Payload 75g 260g
Horizontal Arm Adjustment Range
Mounting Clamp Supporting Range
Compatible Models Smartphones with sizes within 6.0″, GoPro Hero3/4/5

Parts list

Name & Spec. Qty.
Gimbal Stabilizer 1
Micro USB Cable 1
User Guide 1
Storage Bag 1

Product packaging details

Item Dim./Weight Remark
Product Dimension 134*97*303mm W*D*H
Package Size 361*151*63mm L*W*H
Carton Size (Dedicated) 355*342*410mm L*W*H
Product Net Weight 440g/unit
Gross Weight (including package) 1000g/unit
Packing Weight 13kg/Cart 10unit/carton