One with coke,

the actual situation is controllable

The world’s first 0 delay electronic coke stabilizer, focusing hand wheel real-time control lens focus, 3-step step adjustment, with the coke faster and more accurate than the mechanical lighter with the lighter, more stable than the wireless coke, for the photographer Provide a richer creative performance

Small physique, high power

Smooth-Q built-in rechargeable lithium battery, not only can support 12 hours long life, through the body of the Micro USB interface can connect anytime, anywhere external power supply, challenge more lasting shooting task. Its lightweight portable body design, the whole machine weighs only 440 grams, so you worry and effort, everywhere record and share, do not live up to that moment of the landscape.

Horizontal vertical switch

In response to the needs of different users of the shooting scene, while on this basis to maximize the comfort of handheld stabilizer, Smooth-Q innovative use of two-way mobile phone clip design. Just loosen the phone folder knob, turn the phone clip 90 °, you can complete the phone folder switch, the operation is more simple and comfortable. Users no longer need to switch the phone’s horizontal and vertical angle and effort to change the handheld posture, a variety of shooting scenes easy to control, get started to shoot.

One step balance, easier to install

Smooth-Q uses a unique telescopic arm design, just gently push or stretch the support arm, without the weight can be completed step by step balance adjustment. Installation more time and effort, do not miss the moment of the landscape.

Universal screw, free plug

Smooth-Q at the bottom of the fuselage with 1/4 universal screw, with all kinds of photographic equipment accessories with free use, such as tripod, extension rod, sucker and so on. Not only can achieve the effect of rocker lens, but also hand-free shooting, just find an ideal shooting fixed point, you can start moving delay or delay shooting. Play creative bold attempt, Smooth-Q help you break through the limitations of mobile photography, instead of professional camera, so you can easily shoot amazing dynamic images.

APP Update Smart Online

Through the Bluetooth connection Smooth-Q special mobile phone APP – ZY Play, not only for the stabilizer to real – time remote control and other functions, but also on – line firmware upgrades to maintain the stability of the device function updates, performance never dropped.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters

Project Minimal standard maximum Remarks
Operating Voltage 6.8V 8.4V 12.6V
Working current 80mA 110mA 1500mA
Charge input voltage 5V
Charge input current 1500mA
Power supply output voltage 5V
Power supply output current 2000mA
Static attitude tracking error ± 0.01 ° ± 0.04 °
Motion attitude tracking error ± 0.05 ° ± 0.3 °
Tilt axis mechanical action range 320 °
Rolling shaft mechanical action range 320 °
Heading axis mechanical action range 360 ° Unlimited
Pitch controllable angle -135 ° + 185 °
Rolling controllable angle -30 ° + 30 °
Heading controllable angle 360 ° Unlimited
Operating temperature -10 ° C 25 ° C 45 ° C
operating hours 12h Focus on balance
Charging time 2.5h
Load weight 75g 200g
Arm adjustment stroke 15mm
Fixture travel 58mm 85mm
The scope of application 6.0 inch smartphone, GoPro3 / 4/5 camera

Parts list

Name specification Quantity
Stabilizer 1
Micro USB data cable 1
Manual 1
Carrying bags 1

Product packaging details

Name Model specifications Remarks
Product bare metal size 118 * 105 * 285 W * D * H
Product box size 310 * 150 * 60 L * W * H
Delivery Carton Size (Special) 350 * 340 * 340 L * W * H
Product Weight 440g / station
The product contains the weight of the box 1000g / station
Packing weight 13kg / box 10 sets / box