Terms and Conditions of Warranty

  1. Warranty Period is valid for 1 (one year)
  2. Warranty Card must be filled by Consumer and diCap by the Dealer / Dealer in question.
  3. The warranty is valid only to the Service Center represented on the Warranty card.
  4. The new Unit Replacement is not later than 14 days, starting from the date of unit purchase.
  5. Warranty does not apply if :
    • Units have been changed from their original condition or have been repaired by other parties, apart from authorized service center.
    • Damaged seal, Serial Number / Model not in accordance with Warranty Card, has been changed and removed.
    • Errors of use such as: Fall, get the liquid despite having water proof / waterproof, etc ..
    • Damage caused by natural disasters, floods, fires, lightning, salty air, etc.
    • Damage components such as: Battery, AC adapter, Ribbon, Remote Control, Lamp wiring, Connector, Memory Card, etc.
    • Warranty Card lost / damaged, and without valid purchase receipt
  6. Consumer is required to move Data, Photo, Image. we are not responsible for any loss of data / images.
  7. Goods that do not meet the above warranty conditions, will incur service and spare part charges at the time of service, in accordance with the provisions of non-warranty in force.
  8. If the service item is irreversible and still under warranty conditions, it will be compensated with the maximum 70% of the value stated on the purchase receipt and the goods and equipment become our rights or replaced with the same type of unit.
  9. We will provide loan facilities during the warranty process.