Zhiyun Control Cable For Sony Mirrorless en

Harga : Rp.350.000

Product Description

Zhiyun Camera Connection Cable for Camera Stabilizer Crane allows the operator to control Shutter, Rec / Stop Video, and Zoom from Crane handles. Pressing the power button on the cranes once activates the camera shutter. Quickly pressing the power button twice will activate the record / stop video, and the slider will control the zoom. Currently, the camera manufacturers supported are Sony and Panasonic (no Panasonic zoom controls). Cable connected to camera and stabilizer using micro USB port.

Product description

enable Camera Control Interface, just connect Crane to Assistant Zhiyun Assistant, update to the latest firmware, then under settings choose your camera creation, and save. Free your camera’s shutter control without having to let go of the hand with the Camera Connection Cable.

Support following cameras :

Sony RX series, Sony H series, Sony QX series, & All mirrorless Sony cameras